American-born (1992) artist Mackenzie Spindler aka MIKISPIN brings contemporary art to visionary standards with a unique skill set and experience. Selling her first painting at age 8, she went on to explore different mediums from film photography to metal working. The artist implements her photography and found objects into paintings intrigued by concepts of time, space, energy, and matter. Spindler often uses paper, she describes as "romantic in such a digital world", resulting in raw, grungy aesthetic. Her past productions and collaborations with street artists fueled this creative direction inspired by the urban atmosphere, industrial influence, architecture, fashion, and social reform.  Her camera is a tool in combination with different mediums that together create unique urban contemporary mixed medium artworks.

  Spindler established MIKISPIN in 2010 in Saint Louis, Missouri, shooting promotional campaigns and recording artists such as Nelly and Debbie Harry. At age 18, she made way to Europe to build a creative portfolio which brought the artist to New York City in 2012. Here, she learned from primary art influencers and sought out rare opportunities such as working in Andy Warhol's old Factory in Soho.  

  Spindler has had numerous solo exhibits in New York over the past 5 years, showcased 2016 Art Basel Miami,  2016 LA Art Week, and 2017 Paris Fashion Week. In October 2017 she showcased with Patricia Field in ARTFASHION - Catskill, NY.  

  The young emerging artist currently resides in the Lower East Side of New York City and works out of MIKISPIN Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.